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Ital Linea.

Ital Linea is a brand name that is part of the company Linea Calì srl in Vobarno (Brescia).

Founded in 1986 with the aim of transforming simple handles into furnishing accessories for all purposes, Linea Calì produces brass handles in Italy that stand out from the competition and represent the symbol of Made in Italy luxury in the world.

In 2022, the company decided to expand its offer with the aim of making objects of design, in this case door and window handles, accessible to everyone.

This is how the first collections of aluminium handles were created, an ecological material that is cheaper than brass but highly resistant and with great durability over time.

Because, as the pay-off says, the Ital Linea handles are “HANDLES FOREVERYONE“.

Gli eventi

The first aluminium handle is created: Astrid

Modern and geometric, Astrid is the first Ital Linea aluminium handle.


New website

With the advent of the new year, the first Ital Linea institutional website is created.